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April 2017 "PDM" Professional Development Meeting - Alberto Garcia-Jurado

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April 20th, 2017 Professional Development Meeting

Title: Collaboration 4.0: Integrating the Collaboration System in Supply Chains

Topic: Going beyond collaboration as an activity and understanding it as a key system in the performance of supply chains.

Keynote Speaker: Alberto Garcia-Jurado, President & CEO of Cultural System Management Inc. and President and Co-Founder of the Cultural Effectiveness Center

Until now, collaboration has been seen as an activity, Collaboration 4.0 looks to expand the conversation to understand the system underlying the activity. The Collaboration System is comprised of the collaboration processes, the infrastructure that supports them, and the people that operate both.

The collaboration system is a critical, but misunderstood, cornerstone for the performance of supply chains, without effective, efficient human communication and collaboration, supply chains cannot achieve their full performance potential; Yet, the collaboration system remains the only un-managed large system in organizations and supply chains. Collaboration System Management is the process of formalizing, aligning and operating the collaboration system to ensure it operates at the highest levels of performance. 

The Collaboration 4.0 model is even more relevant in light of the growing awareness of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is changing the business and operational models globally. It will have a deep impact on the way Supply Chains operate and are managed. Those responsible for Supply Chain operation who proactively understand the challenges and opportunities of these new environment, and ensure that their SC evolve accordingly, will gain a considerable competitive advantage for their stakeholders.

The presentation will provide an understanding of the system behind collaborative activity, and the fundamentals for effectively aligning and operating it in organizations and supply chains. 


Biography: Alberto Garcia-Jurado is a coach, innovator, speaker and writer on Intercultural Intelligence and Smart Collaboration. He is a Pioneer in the field of Collaboration System Management in organizations. He is also author of the books “Culture and Globalization” and “Cultural Intelligence for the 21st Century”.

He is President and CEO of Cultural System Management Inc. and President and Co-Founder of the Cultural Effectiveness Center. He is also member of the Board of the United States - Mexico Cultural and Educational Foundation. He was co-founder and served for six years as President of the Gulf Chapter of the United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce. 

Mr. Garcia-Jurado has collaborated for over ten years as advisor, consultant and instructor on aspects of cultural intelligence, collaboration system operation, and diversity management and integration with dozens of companies and organizations of all sizes and industries such as PEMEX, Amcor, Valeo, Citigroup, The Tenaris Group, GA&A Group, Rollout, Montage, and The United Methodist Church.

He writes on Interculturalism, strategy, global mindset, efficiency, and transparency for multiple publications, and he is a guest speaker with the U.S. Commercial Service, the Free Trade Alliance, the University of Texas at San Antonio, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the United States – Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Secretaría de Economía de México, the City of San Antonio, the North American Development Bank (NADBANK), the University of California at San Diego, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), the Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Instituto Latinoamericano de la Calidad (INLAC) among many others.

Garcia-Jurado is the creator of models for managing collaboration systems and of intercultural analysis methodologies based on collaboration-profile recognition, as well as dozens of programs and workshops on all aspects of collaborative system operation, smart collaboration and intercultural understanding.

For more information, please click the following link: April 2017 PDM.